ESCC honors the participants in the Cybersecurity Workshop

Post Date: June 15, 2023

ESCC honors the participants in the Cybersecurity Workshop

The Supreme Council for Cybersecurity, in cooperation with Liquid C2, launched an initiative to organize a workshop for the principles of cybersecurity, on the sidelines of the second edition of CAISEC conference, which took place with the participation of many ministers, officials and experts in order to exchange the best ideas and experiences in the field of Information Security.

During the workshop, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hafez, Chair of the Executive Office of the Supreme Council for Cybersecurity (ESCC) and VP of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority for Cybersecurity Affairs, highlighted the role of government leaders in confronting the threats of cyberattacks and protecting national security.

At the end of the workshop on the second day, Abdel Hafez awarded certificates of appreciation and honors to the participants.

The workshop was held to train the companies officials about cybersecurity’s principles, within the framework of the national strategy for cybersecurity, which seeks to prepare human cadres capable of confronting and anticipating cyber threats and raising the level of societal awareness of cyber risks.

The ESCC seeks to encourage startups through incentive programs, and to provide training courses that provide executive managers and information security officials with the necessary skills to protect information and data of companies and to preserve the cyberspace of these institutions against cybercrime, whose losses may reach $11 trillion By the end of 2023.

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