NTRA organizes two awareness seminars at the Egyptian-Japanese schools

Post Date: November 29, 2023

NTRA organizes two awareness seminars at the Egyptian-Japanese schools

Within the framework of its comprehensive awareness campaign, which aims to raise the societal awareness of Internet dangers and cyber crimes, especially for teenagers and children, who are considered among the groups who most use the information network and social media applications, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) organized two awareness seminars at the Egyptian-Japanese schools, the first In Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate, and the second in Nasr City, Cairo Governorate.

The symposiums was presented by the National Center for Computer and Network Emergency Preparedness (EG-CERT), which aimed to raise awareness of cyber crimes and their various types and what are the principles of cybersecurity that protect data, electronic accounts, and devices from any hacking attempt.

The students learned about the basics of data and information protection, such as how to create a strong password, activate two-factor authentication, and what is the correct procedure in dealing with fraudulent messages.

Because of their heavy use of social networking sites and electronic games, students were keen to inquire about the protection measures in these applications so that they could use them safely and easily.

The symposiums also included an awareness lecture for parents in order to introduce and guide them to the best parental control methods necessary to protect children and what are the practical steps that ensure their children are protected from the psychological and physical dangers of excessive use of the Internet or electronic games.

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