CAISEC 2023 has been launched under ESCC sponsorship

Post Date: June 13, 2023

CAISEC 2023 has been launched under ESCC sponsorship

The CAISEC 2023 conference has been launched on monday under the auspices of the Egyptian Council of Ministers and the Supreme Council for Cybersecurity (ESCC), and in the presence of a group of ministers, cybersecurity experts in Egypt and the region, and many specialists in information security and protection.
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hafez, Director of the Executive Office of the Supreme Council for Cybersecurity and Vice President of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority for Cybersecurity Affairs, talked about the importance of cybersecurity in protecting critical infrastructure, and how cyber threats and risks have become complex and dangerous, so Countries must take proactive measures to protect their national security and information space.

Abdel Hafez reviewed the efforts of the Egyptian state in combating cyber threats and how it worked to form the ESCC and the Egyptian computer emergency readiness team (EG-CERT), which works around the clock to provide the necessary support to the state sectors, investigates incidents, analyzes digital evidence and vulnerabilities, and provides the necessary technical reports to the concerned authorities.

The Cybersecurity veteran also explained the main axes of the national strategy for cybersecurity and how ESCC participated in enacting the necessary laws and drafting regulatory frameworks with the aim of achieving the desired goals of the strategy such as cybersecurity governance, protection of cyberspace, work on creating national competencies and cadres, strengthening national and international cooperation and achieving the desired leadership, Which reflects the success of the cybersecurity system within the framework of the digital transformation plan, which is one of the main axes of the Egyptian State Plan 2030.

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