NTRA organizes an awareness seminar at NCSCR

Post Date: October 4, 2023

NTRA organizes an awareness seminar at NCSCR

NTRA has organized an awareness seminar at the National Center for Social and Criminological Research (NCSCR) in Cairo.

In cooperation with Trend Micro, the cybersecurity softwares company, the symposium was organized to educate workers at NCSCR on many topics related to communications and information technology services, as well as cybersecurity.

The attendees learned about the services provided to telecommunications and Internet users, ensuring that they obtain the best level of quality, and the features found in the entity’s application (MY NTRA), through which a complaint can be submitted if it is not possible to obtain the required service.

The agency’s experts also explained the features of E-Wallet, which saves time and effort in periodic financial transactions, and through which various bills can be paid and money transferred.

With regard to cybersecurity, EG-CERT partnered with Trend Micro to educate workers about the mechanisms and procedures for protecting data, information, personal devices, and electronic accounts.

The symposium included an introduction to cybersecurity and its importance in the current digital, and the basic procedures to protect against Internet risks, such as how to write a strong password, activate two-factor authentication, detect phishing messages, and maintain privacy and confidentiality on social media platforms.

The symposium was part of NTRA’s community interaction plan, which aims to raise the level of technological awareness among various segments of society in a way that enhances the technical capabilities of individuals and institutions, which contributes to economic development and growth.

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